I am a Viennese felt artist specialising in wool paintings.
As a studied biologist and keen gardener I take my inspiration from nature and love to transfer the magic of light and texture in my paintings.
For my wet felted pictures I use many sorts of wool and other fibres. The finishing touch is often done by needle felting.
My motifs are based on my own photographs or impressive paintings and pictures, or I just let my imagination fly.
I try to use only cruelty-free materials - thus I prefer Tussah and Eri Silk (Peace Silk) because these silkworms are allowed to live and develop into butterflies. The mulesing-free wool comes from a variety of breeds all over the world.


2016 and 2017 I was nominated for the prestigious Arts & Crafts Design Award and had much acclaimed exhibitions during the 1st and 2nd Vienna Felting Festival. My works can be found in FUN and Felt Matters as well as in many juried online exhibitions of renowned galleries.