Felting means to get involved with the natural substance wool, you get grounded, patient and even keep your fitness.

Creating felt pictures, or 'painting with wool' is a slow process that requires practice, persistence, and focus. But every time you succeed you are in seventh heaven!

 Playing with colours has been fascinating me from the very beginning of my felting activities. From natural fleece to brilliantly dyed fibers, even gold and silver leaf - the possibilities are overwhelming.

In this and any other context, animal welfare is of paramount importance to me, so I use only mulesing-free wool, Tussah silk and peace silk. 

My lock project exhibited at the Annual Vienna Felting Festival

The wool for my paintings comes from a variety of breeds: Tiroler Bergschaf, Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Manx Loaghtan, Falkland, Corriedale, Shetland, Kap-Merino, New Zealand-Merino, Chubut, Jacob Sheep, Drente Heideschaap... and there is still so much more to be discovered! The different textures are endlessly interesting, and I use each material when it's properties are required in a painting.

Buch: "Light in the Landscape" von Peter Watson

A felt painting doesn't have to be robust in the first place. Sometimes a motif looks perfect before it is completely fulled. As soon as your work meets your imagination, you can call it finished.

All fibers (ferns, grass, bark, feathers) that may not be suitable for heavily used everyday objects can be used in felt paintings - the options are endless.